Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our Great Inheritance

All I wanted was to talk to a friend
Shoot the breeze
Kick the shit.

Instead I sat at the screen
Watching their names flit across the panel
Green turned yellow:
They'd gone idle.

Green turned red:
They'd gotten a life.

All the while all I got was
Angry because 2 minutes had passed and no one noticed I was on.

Our greatest inheritance really was passivity
Because if Adam gave me anything else
I wouldn't be sitting here.

Life, as I understand it.

When did I begin to choose my friends, to choose the ones who raise me?
Who told me I was to decide who broke my heart and railed me?

Long have I built both wall and moat to surround my ransomed heart,
Set up a world apart from Thee, far from my crucial part.

Darkness clouds my every morrow, assures I cannot survive
Blessed, before the day is done, to know my soul is alive!

With loving, just, and holy hands You keep me in preserve
While in my heart of hearts I know 'tis more than I deserve.

But I am destined to become Your son, a warrior, fierce and wild,
My training, at last, has now begun, be more than meek and mild!

Each day I lift my voice to shout, each night I watch You gently
For my heart rejoices not in that life, but in this that You gave me.

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