Monday, June 15, 2009

Throw Hands Together

I'm sitting here in my kitchen next to all the stuff from my room in Sierra Madre listening to my iTunes. Strawberry Swing (Coldplay) came on and the biggest smile swept across my face and I started laughing uncontrollably. It's amazing that music can do that to you. All I want to do is throw my hands together and swirl around violently.

I didn't do much today, but I realized how living in a res. hall really can make you selfish, lazy, and ungrateful. I sat here the whole day not eating because I didn't want to make myself a sandwhich. I did eventually, but it's crazy, right? My parents stocked the frigde with food they like to eat, but it's food. Good food. The years of them stocking the fridge with sugary treats and meat are long gone, it's all about weird health foods and you know what, they've earned that, deserve that, and there's no room for me to complain.

This summer is about figuring out what I do. I say a lot. Think a lot. But I want to know what I do.

It's been a good start!


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