Monday, April 13, 2009

sparrows, nukes for your mind, and out of body experiences, daily!

the sparrow knows its tune

the gypsies didn't wear name tags to the orientation so we couldn't figure out who they were.

and we were confused because they all looked the same, floating in and out of the woodwork,

skin tatted, clothes in tatters: they were sparrows. More feathers than hair. Less bone, more air.

i would have flown away with them but my wallet was too heavy with credit cards and ticket stubs.

i've had this dream of becoming kerouac. making the road my home. the night sky my father, the earth my mother.

i've thought, "maybe i could turn the soil, plant some seeds and" but money burrows into my pocket

and my pants turn to fire.

which shoulder can i listen to? is it heads or is it tails because those sparrows know who they are. their name is sparrow. they have feathers and bones and wings like paper. while i scrap for change to make a phone call

they turn to each other and speak softly.

the land provides if it's worked. society's trash can sustain. and while the polar bears sink and wall street weeps,

the sparrow still knows its tune. seems like it was made to sing. to flit. to be a joy. so i decided to empty my pockets

i may not take to the open road but i'll whistle the couple tunes i know. my mother taught them to me. my father listened. i improvised the second verse and smiled.


Sometimes, we just need to nuke our minds. Not a microwave, though. I'm talking a real, glorious (excuse the coming vulgarity) mind fuck. Because I know there is so much that's off in the way I perceive things everyday. Your beliefs should help you not cause you anxiety. Worldliness isn't as simple as enjoying indian tea or australian candy.

And saying you are radical isn't enough. If you really are radical, there is no concept of radicalism. you just are and everything is game.

Day in and day out, let's do something that pushes ourselves out of ourselves, yeah?

It's bitter work, but there's war in my blood!



we should vow to be gypsies for a week sometime this summer.

just go full out and do what we know we should do.

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