Wednesday, April 1, 2009

humanity is alright with me.

I like being human because no matter what happens, there is always redemption. Grace rarely trails far behind any one endeavor, thought it may be hard to find. Granted, redemption may come at a high price, like say, walking in righteousness or losing an eye, it is always there if you want it bad enough.

It's all about perceptions, really. The old "glass-half-full-or-half-empty" saying really is true. If it's half empty, there is lament and regret. If it's half full, there is joy and preparation. In the end, we're only worth as much as we believe we are, regardless of our actual price.

So give me sympathy. Give all of us some sympathy, because there is no time to stop and ruminate verbosely. We need life. We need action. And we'll only get it if we own our lives and think it's worth something in the open market.

Most days, I live like I am a flickering flame about to go out. I'm no flame, though. I am an ocean, torrential and expansive.

We all are really. Humanity is funny like that.


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