Sunday, March 29, 2009

it was a strange time in my life...

My mom loves telling me about my childhood, asking me if I remember her reading me Where The Wild Things Are or my sucker fish Oscar. I never really spent much time thinking about what I was like as a kid, but with all the stories and pictures, I figured I should give it a shot.

Looking through photographs, I can tell I was a very happy kid, always smiling. I was also pretty sincere. If I was upset, I showed it. If I was excited, you would know. I think my face looks the same, but there was something easier about it back then, something of joy and wonderment.

I DO remember my mom reading me that book, and the trailer that just came out makes me incredibly excited for October 16th. The song in the trailer, Wake Up by Arcade Fire, warns that if you listen to the lie we're told, to bury your emotions and carry on, you'll wake up one day a whole lot colder than you used to be.

There is a part of me that wants to reclaim the sincerity of my youth. Another part thinks it cannot be done. I think there is some jollity to be made.

Sometimes I think we can learn more from children than we can from adults. When we're kids, we don't have all the fluff that comes with experience clouding our thinking and making us fearful. No one really ever taught us to clear our minds of the clutter because no one really knows how. Doesn't mean we shouldn't try, because I have a feeling there is much to be discovered about who we are by just having a talk with the little one in our chests.


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