Monday, March 23, 2009

you're gonna carry that weight...

The halls are empty and I can't help but wonder what makes this place what it is.

Since the 60's, Sierra Madre has been here. Every year, a new group of residents move in to inhabit its prison-like shell. Regardless of the time, they become known for partying and general rioting. Does this place make them who they are, or does this place just attract that kind of person?

If I had consciousness as a baby, would I be who I am today or am I a collection of my experiences?

A line from The Fisherman by Anis Mojgani replays itself in my head. He empties himself.

I think the most crucial thing we must remember about life is that we are never alone. Someone, whether they know it or not, is in it with us, and we with them. We are never alone.

At the same time, nothing about this life is about us. As much as capitalism and consumerism would like us to believe we are the most important things individually, we all know we're not. Humanity is important, but not for the sake of itself. There's plenty of proof that says the world would be much better off without us.

But we are here and here in force. And we are capable of such beauty. We must empty ourselves of ourselves. Rid ourselves of that which keeps us from accepting the truths that don't need any justification.

Cause if you don't, you're gonna carry that weight.

And you were never meant to.


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