Saturday, April 18, 2009

this house is open...for awesome.

Never before have we been more pioneer. More sojourner. The Great West is our home. Out past the dense and dangerous, that's where we belong. Further up and further in to Big Rock Candy Mountain! To El Dorado! To the end of the world, where the water washes off the earth like juice from a table.


The following things are, or would be, awesome:

On my TV sits Floxy. Floxy is a little sheep that came in my Easter basket. Floxy had a friend, a bobble-headed chick that looks like a duck. I have named him Eugene. They are both adorable.

If I went to Borders, I'd like to look for a book. While looking for this book, I'd like to notice that someone else was also looking for a book in the same vicinity. Once I found my book, I'd realize we were both looking for the same book, and there is only one. Cue Rom-Com music and the subsequent video montage of flirtation and sparks.

Giving tours for Open House is like swimming in cool water on a warm day with a bunch of people who really want to swim too.

Friends that are from home.

Friends that are not at home.

Esquire's "How to be a Man" .

Hebrews 11.

Crazy Love.

Warm showers with nothing to do.

Reading a good book with nothing to do.

Not thinking about making money.

My dad being on Twitter.

Thinking about being a gypsy over a summer with Nikol!

Aaron out.



I just have to say, Aaron, this post made me smile.


You are a very knowledgeable tour guide. :)

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