Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pitfalls of Self-Help

One can only ready so many life-hacking blogs and ascertain so much knowledge as to what they should do to get out of an emotional rut. More oft than not, I think, in reading those blogs we don't really seek out the knowledge they offer us, but a way out of our immediate predicament.

It feels good to know there is a solution to our discomfort and reading ways we can alleviate it makes us feel awesome. And we usually stop there, and that's a problem, because nothing is really solved.

I heard someone once refer to emotions like the changing weather, sadness, happiness, frustration all come and go in their own time.

We've got find a way to live where we can receive wisdom and still live in a real way. Not a numb, paralyzed fear of not beinf comfortable, of confronting opposition.

I think we need to take ourselves back. If we're responsible and sober minded with ourselves, I think we'll be able to deal better. We've got to not be afraid to shine in the way only we do. And not only that, we've got to be okay with other people seeing and calling us on that shine.


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