Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pre_Move-In Contemplations and Assertations

I've been floating around on the internet for about an hour now, trying to come up with some sort of inspirational statement, something that I've learned over the course of training that I can carry over with me into tomorrow when the residents move in. Truth be told, I always feel as if I've learned a lot. It's always difficult to pin point that one defining truth that has made all the difference. I've come to accept that those "defining truths" most likely don't exist, but are rather the visual culmination of a series of tipping points and decisions made over the course of time.

If that's the case, then where I'm at now is due a lot more to an attitude and perspective given as a gift by those I've met and by those who teach me. I owe thanks and gratitude and am in debt. There is a strength required of me to rise to the level of life I am living on now. Looking to the past won't do any good because the past is incomplete training. The future can't be foreseen, only projected and theorized, and I'm not living in theory. All I've got to go off of is the now, these moments strung together and the imprints left upon me by those moments of impact.

Langston Hughes asked, "what happens to a dream deferred?" I've resolved I don't want to find out the answer of that question, and I don't think he ever intended us to discover it. All the options are the opposite for what we want in our lives, what we need in them.

So let dreams fly, live, breathe and go forth. Bring the horizon to your doorstep and walk out into it boldly, with friends and lovers at your side. Never discount those who are in your life, be them odd or queer. Make your opportunities, don't wait for them to be handed to you. Throw your weight around, be known, be heard, fall in love and fall hard.

And if people don't understand, to hell with them, because they aren't really living.

Keep it simple. Keep it light and keep it tight.


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