Friday, September 11, 2009

Plans, Measures, & Escape Hatches

Most nights before I go to sleep, I remind myself that somewhere in the world, my future wife sleeps. Just as I put my head down to rest, she closes her eyes and gently tosses and turns as she drifts away. And in the morning, we'll both wake up, brush our teeth, and continue to make our way closer to each other.

And the lawns my children will play on are being cultivated. The ground upon which they will scrape their little knees and the wood that will build the house that they;ll grow up in is growing as sure as I am.

Every step I take brings me closer to these dreams. Regardless of the plans I make, the measures I take, or the hatches I build so I can escape, everything I do brings me closer. I'm comforted by this.

Maybe I've met her already. I can't help but think I may have. I always compare the company I keep to that of the girls I'm interested in. It's always different, and I suppose that's a good thing, but I hope one day to find a good fit, like an old glove.

I've blown off some pretty amazing people for some incredibly silly reasons. Then I think, maybe I didn't blow them off, but they weren't the company I was supposed to keep, regardless of their awesomeness.

Who's to say in the moment.


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